Boys to Men Entrepreneurs Leadership Academy


Through our International Young Black Wall Street Social Entrepreneurs Development and Fundraising Events, "GOSPEL ACCORDING TO BLACK HISTORY", along with other funding initiatives,  featuring Mr. Bruce A. Henry and other artists across the country, we are extending an invitation to our community partners to join us, as we raise awareness of the great need for us to support building bridges for our African American youth to connect and build partnerships with youth and their families in Africa. It is rare for many of our Urban Center limited income youth to get an opportunity to share experiences in travel, particularly to a country as Africa.  So many of our Black youth of America are not aware of the vast contributions Africa has played in the development of our global community.

Through our "GOSPEL ACCORDING TO BLACK HISTORY", we feel it is important for every child to know their ancestral roots in order for them to successfully advance within the enlarged multicultural community.   We believe when we are able to link our youth with their elders from within their communities in America and throughout Africa, developing a more global consciousness, many will be our 21st Century leaders making a positive difference at home and abroad. 

We believe through our bridge connection with youth and their families in Africa will develop a connection that has been lacking among our African American youth and the youth from Africa.  Through the International Young Black Wall Street Initiative and the International Mothers Club - "PROJECT AFRICA BRIDGE BUILDERS" Initiative, will support the advancement of our 21st Century Entrepreneurs and Community Leaders globally, as they serve as pacesetters in restoring and building communities where every child can thrive.  Our mission is to teach our 21st Century youth how to "fish" rather than be given a "fish", which supports independence and prosperity for all.