Boys to Men Entrepreneurs Leadership Academy

Boys to Men Community Store/International Mothers' Club

For Donations or purchases of service, presently, please send to:  International Wellness Network, Inc., 5301 Russell Avenue North, Ste. 209, Brooklyn Center, Minnesota  55430.


 -National Health and Wellness Training and Certification

International Wellness Network, Inc.

Garden of Eden Transformational Center  (International Mothers Club)


-Evolution of African American Music Performances, Workshops and Trainings

Bruce A. Henry, Freedom Train Inc.


-Lyrical Minded Live Theater for Youth

-Shakespeare in the Park

Magnum Opus Youth Drama Consortium

Howard Johnson Jr., Artistic Director


-Boys to Men Entrepreneur Leadership Academy "GRAND MOTHERS' NETWORK"

Healing Drum Tours:  "Gospel According to Black History"

Workshops, Seminars, Trainings

-Race Matters (Healing from Racism), Corporations, Small Businesses, Nonprofits




-Black Women/Women of Color  as 21st Century Entrepreneurs and Community Organizers

Leadership Training and Conferences


International Mothers' Club is a multicultural empowerment network for limited/moderate income single mothers that are raising "boys to men", we support all mothers that are seeking assistance/friendship/partnership and support in "creating communities where all children can thrive".

Business partnerships are available for women that are interested in working from their homes.  We have ongoing workshops and seminars for women that are interested in getting involved as business partners with the International Mothers' Club.  To find out more about International Mothers' Club, please visit our link at: 

 (Let us help you build a new and healthy world for your community children, creating a "poverty free world where all children can thrive".)

To find out more about our services, please contact us at:  (763) 208-2801 or email us at:

TO DONATE, PURCHASE OR MEMBERSHIP FEES, Send to:  International Wellness Network, Inc., 5301 Russell Avenue North, Brooklyn Center, Minnesota  55430.












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