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              Magnum Opus Drama Consortium

Welcome to Magnum Opus Drama Consortium, a network of professional and experienced actors and entertainers that showcase quality theatrical performances and entertainment acts: 

  •  Comedy
  • Drama
  • Full Cast Musicals
  • One Person Shows
  • Grammy Award and Stellar Award Singers
  • International Dancers and Musicians
Our performances range from Shakespeare to original pieces written by our writers, e.g. Epoch Blue: A Jazz Play, the works of August Wilson, along with other great African American play writers, along with stories of the Native and Latino American experience shared through original plays. 
Magnum Opus Drama Consortium provides the opportunity for unknown actors the opportunity to gain theater experience with Masters in the field.  We provide opportunities for youth of all ages to be mentored by nationally known artists, providing our youth with firsthand experience in the arts and science of theater.
Magnum Opus Drama Consortium, speak to current life experiences happening around us, i.e., social justice issues regarding racism, women's issues and of course keeping cultural history alive which shapes our global world.
Magnum Opus Drama Consortium is available for schools, community and business special events.  We offer ongoing acting classes for youth and adults around the country.
Magnum Opus Drama Consortium, performances include:
drama, comedy and full cast musicals.  We have available one person shows and literary readings.
We are available for corporate fundraisers, school fundraisers, and special community events.
You can reach the founder of Magnum Opus Drama Consortium  at:
Contact Us!
For more information about Magnum Opus Drama Consortium  or to schedule a performance, please contact our Minneapolis, Minnesota office at:
5301 Russell Avenue North
Suite 201
Brooklyn Center, Minnesota  55430
(763) 208-2801
You can also visit our website at:





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