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Listening Circles - A Positive Approach to Bully Proofing Your Community - Restoring Communities Looking Out For One Another


International Wellness Network, Inc. Listening Circles can provide Small Business Opportunities for Individuals who loves people, have a knack for drawing people together in dialogue, creating a sense of community connection and better understanding of one another. 

In many cases, we are all more alike than different.  We believe "bullying" is a cry to be heard by the "bully" rather seek understanding of what is going on in the life of a bully, we tend, as a community to seek immediate "justice" through gang fighting, or waiting for people to be so fractured on the inside, by the time they get noticed it is through a violent act,  the "I will get you before you get me" or a senseless killing of another such as the "Virgnia Tech" episode where 30+ individuals were killed..

Many youth in urban communities in the 21st Century, coming from broken communities, develop early, "me against the world" mentality. "I must fend and/or fight for my survival, because no one else will".   We are in a very fast paced society, rules of conduct changing rapidly, yet our youth are left attempting to figure out answers on their own, on an adult level, yet not having the opportunity to acquire the necessary adult skills to be feeling successful at life, so without positive adult input many are living out fantasies they are portraying from many of the characters now in "cyberspace".  We have also resorted to building more and more institutions, whether it is prisons, mental institutions, foster care, etc. rather than communities forming alliances together in taking proactive steps to reach out to one another to come up with positive solutions to develop more healthier communities where our children can thrive in the fast paced world we have created for them.

International Wellness Network, Inc., has developed a "culturally sensitive" approach to what has been labeled as "BULLYING" through our Listening Circles Network.  The goal of our Listening Circles are really "empowerment or success circles" it allows participants to "TELL THEIR STORIES", "EXPRESS THEIR DREAMS" "LEARN THEIR HISTORY", etc., to assist them in the realization that someone just like them that have succeeded in life in many cases have gone through the same experience in life as they have.

Within our Listening Circles we have designed a "Culturally Sensitive" approach to deal with the various cultures that are now within our educational system, corporations, as well as communities.  We are now a very diverse nation, with different schools of thought that in many cases, have yet to be discussed with an understanding of what is going on within our neighbor.  More and more gangs are being created within certain neighborhoods that are causing serious problems with violence, and punitive results for a number of our youth and young adults.  We in America have created a "Me" society, continually moving from the "We" community which supports one another.    We believe at International Wellness Network, Inc., we must begin to develop the "we community" again for our sake and children's sake. 

For our youth and families of color community we have found our Listening Circles have been transformative.  It is not based on a "therapy model", but a "family model" with individuals coming together as one to share their feelings, their dreams, their concerns that can be supported by the Listening Circle community.  Our Listening Circles is an opportunity for the participant to be themselves, to be able to share what they are feeling without embarrassment, feeling like an outsider, as well as being in a community supporting the real individual on the inside.  We believe everyone comes into this world for a special purpose, but because we are living in such an "individualistic" world, many of our youth are unable to express themselves, the dreams they have and the right people to help them make their dreams a positive reality.

We at International Wellness Network, Inc., still believe in the 21st Century it  takes the "VILLAGE" to raise our children.  We are intentional at International Wellness Network, Inc., to create this network that support raising our African American youth/youth of color from a "holistic and culturally sensitive approach" to empowerment. 

 Our "Elder Speak" community provides certified trainers from International Wellness Network, Inc., to facilitate our Community Listening Circles.  We presently have so many homes within the African American/communities of color run by single mothers, many feeling overwhelmed and on the edge because they have so many things to juggle in the fast paced society we have created.  This leaves so many of our children feeling vulnerable which fuels the "bully" culture.  Pain seeks out pain, therefore, it must be an approach available for our families from these cultures to come together without feeling it is a "punitive" experience taking place, or having to be a "therapy" session, but in an environment where it develops into a "sister to sister" relationship or a "brother to brother" relationship feeling free to speak without having a therapist or mental health professional documenting a "research project'.  Most people just want to "breathe".  Most people want to express their dreams, seeking a community to help them reach their goals.

International Wellness Network, Inc. knows the pulse of these communities, and individuals feels comfortable and relaxed and at home with us,  which helps with the healing and empowerment process needed for our families to be put back together again.

We are encouraging schools, businesses, community centers to invite our Circle Facilitators into your world for a free "LISTENING CIRCLE" EXPERIENCE, we believe you will be satisfied with an instant transformation of your participants. 

Call us today for a "free" Listening Circle demonstration!  Call us at (763) 708-2801.