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In Memory Of Our Ancestors/Elders/Family Members Who Paved the Way for Us that We May Have Liberty to Pursue Our Dreams as Entrepreneurs and Community Leaders

The Johnson/Patterson/Staples Family take this time to celebrate and honor our ancestors and elders that paved the way for us as Entrepreneurs and Community Leaders in the 21st Century  America.

In memory of our great, great, great grandparents who came out of slavery into land ownership and dressmaking:

William Staples - slave to landowner/farmer

Abbey Staples, wife of William, dressmaker

Mary Staples, great, great grandmother, mother of

Carrie Davis, mother of Lirah Callie Merritt (Father:  Tom Merritt)

Lirah Callie Merritt Patterson and John Henry Patterson

Restaurant Owners and Barber Shop

John Conway Patterson married to Glenda Patterson

Children:  John Jr., Carpenter, Walter Fitzgerald (deceased), Felicia Rochelle Patterson, Caterer, Glenda (Noochie) Patterson, Administrative Services, City of St. Louis.

Barbara Jackson, Robert Jackson, Chef

Patti Lyles,Sarai daughter - John And Patti -- Janitorial Services

Connell Patterson, Civil Engineer (Deceased)

Rev. Dr. Norma Johnson-Patterson and Howard Johnson Sr.

Entrepreneurs and Community Organizers

Children: Late  Kindall  Merritt Johnson-Harris-husband Eddie Harris

Two Children:  Anthony Ray Johnson-Educator and Jahlon Walker, Student (Dad for both boys: Bobby Walker)

Late Carmissa Patterson, single, no children (many sweet memories of Meechie)

Tiffany Monee Johnson-Hartfield married to John Hartfield, children, Jahlon Harfield, Osiris Smith and Icyes Smith (father, Warren Smith).  Tiffany:  Nurse and Hairstylist

Jennifer Johnson Ide, Health Care Professional, husband Abdul, Tennis Professional

Son:  Jaden

Jordan Johnson - Independent Contractor - Lawn Care Service

Howard Johnson Jr., Professional Actor, founder and owner of Magnum Opus Drama Consortium, LLC and President/CEO of International Wellness Network, Inc., a global missions ministry, serving as co-creator, creating a "poverty free world, where all children can thrive".

Shirley Patterson-Bordedeax, Office Manager of House of Peace, married to Randall, mother of Carmissa, Lirahisha and Zakia. Grandmother of Candanisha, Zemetrion, LaQuantinisha, Zanconus, DeMille, Davyonne, Zemiere.  Great-granddaughter, Quaniya..

Thank you William and Abbey for allowing our entry to this world through you!

Thank you John Henry and Lirah Callie for your hard work, your teaching us the principles to success, family and community.  You are always with us.


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