Boys to Men Entrepreneurs Leadership Academy

Boys to Men/Girls to Women "Youth Nation Green Corp" Business Development Initiative for Youth Ages 6-18, Raising Up Master Artists and Entrepreneurs for the 21st Century 

OUR "BOYS TO MEN" International Black Wall Street (in honor of our ancestors and elders that showed us the way in creating successful visionaries and entrepreneurs since 1619 in America), IWN Youth Nation Green Corp offers to our community youth, programs for both young men and women, ages 6-18 years old.  The mission of this program is to provide ongoing training for youth, in the areas of "conscious" entertainment and entrepreneurship.  

-Go Green Youth Corp Etiquette Classes - These classes are for all ages 6-18 years old, providing education and demonstration by trained and certified Go Green Facilitators in the three R's: 

Respectful Behavior

Resourceful Actions

Remembering History, Culture and Sacrifice of elders before them, creating a space we now call America, where all can thrive. 

-Go Green Youth Corp (Magnum Opus Youth Drama Consortium) provides the opportunity for youth to grow as professionals in the entertainment field, as producers, directors, filmmakers and actors.  Through the media, youth can transform the world that is theirs in a positive way.

-Go Green Youth Corp Family Gathering and Special Events provides members the opportunity to successfully plan, execute ongoing family gatherings, that will draw communities together providing fun for all, and providing opportunities for families to connect with youth from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds as our youth help to support the building of a "NATION OF CELEBRATIONS, CELEBRATING DIVERSITY IN PEACE". 

-Go Green Youth Corp Business Development and Management Training will support youth successfully learning all of the fundamentals in creating small businesses through i.e., visioning, goal setting, writing of business plans, incorporation, accounting, marketing, hiring, personnel, etc. 

-Go Green Youth Corp Real Estate Training provides youth with the opportunity to learn fundamentals of home buying, all areas of investing, buying and selling of real estate.  

-Go Green Youth Corp "Predatory Lending" Course will provide youth with all of the necessary tools to use in avoiding participation in "predatory lending" schemes that is found in most heavily populated limited income communities that provide services and products at high profits due to the uneducated minds of limited income people striving to get by.  Through this course, youth will learn how to work together within a cooperate model in creating economic opportunities for themselves to reduce and/or eliminate predatory activities within their communities.

-Youth Toastmasters will provide training and development in public speaking for youth ages 13-18, providing opportunities for participants to master the art of "public speaking". 

-Youth Nation Buyers' Club - members of this group will learn the art and science of buying wholesale to resell or to save in purchasing food, clothing, consumable products, etc.

-Optimist Club - Developing young African American men and women of color to view the world as possibility thinkers. Seeing themselves making a positive difference within the world around them.

-Success for Teens Group - Through utilizing our "Success for Teens" curriculum, we guarantee young adults participating in our "Success for Teens" curriculum will "SOAR TO THE TOP AS LEADERS OF THE 21ST CENTURY".

-Special Events Planning and Business Development Training provides the hands on experience needed to succeed in the new world of "entrepreneurship and community organizing".  Participants in this network training will be the "global leaders" of the NEW WORLD. 

INTERNATIONAL MOTHERS' CLUB through "International Young Black Wall Street" Leadership Academy

provides the following services to youth and their parents:

Tutoring Services in the areas of reading and math.

Parent Leadership Training for young parents.

Culturally sensitive health and wellness programs for youth and adults.

One on one professional mentorship for African/African American/women of color in the areas of career development.  International Mothers' Club life coaching believes that every person is a Creator entering the world with a specific purpose in creating an environment that is complimentary to empowering the Universe creating an environment where all inhabitants are prospering, living a healthy and abundant lifestyle.  Our work through International Mothers' Club is to draw out of our clients their life's purpose, to inspire, mentor and support the successful development of each client.

International Young Black Wall Street Leadership Academy and Tutoring Services initiative will include the following services for African American/ parents color and their children (children ages infant to 18 years old).

(An African Centered Approach to Raising 21st Century Master Learners)

Science of Art and Writing Classes



-Pre-School, Kindegarten and 1st Grade


Reading and Math

Time With the Elders (Listening Circles)

Healing Drum Productions

Telling Our Stories, i.e.,

History of Slavery, Jim Crow, etc.

Dream Factory - "What do you want to be when you grow up?

Language:  Spanish/Chinese/African and Native American Dialects

-Adventure Club Youth building partnership networks through cyberspace, as well as create opportunities for themselves to visit the countries/cities of network partners. 

-Toastmaster's Public Speaking

-Leadership Training

Classes for youth and adults

Garden of Eden Transformational Health and Wellness Workshops/Seminars/Trainingwith culturally sensitive, nationally certified wellness coaches, families learning to take harge of their health.

Parents as Partners Training Culturally sensitive curriculum designed to empower and encourage African American parents' involvement in every aspect of their children's health and well being in educational and political systems.

Wisdom Workshops and Seminars - Nurturing the Spirit - Learning from our Spiritual Elders, Comparative Religion and Philosophy Studies, i.e., Islam, Kmetic, Judaism (Hebrew Israelites) Philosophy and the Origins of Christianity