Boys to Men Entrepreneurs Leadership Academy

Professional Businessmen Cooperative, a network of professionals working together in creating a "poverty free world where all children can thrive"

The strength of any community is when there is a presence of strong, creative, business oriented men.  Our world has been designed with a pattern.  When the pattern is in place, the community will thrive, monetary needs are met, spiritual needs, a physically healthier community, and the social environment is one of well-being. 

When our world was created, it was created on a family model.  When we date back to the very beginning of time, in ancient Africa, the cosmology of the first family included the father, mother and the son, along with others centered around them to create a caring, loving and empowered community.

Our system is still the same, where there are traditional family models, the communities are much more healthier and productive.  There is less crime, less poverty, and more family and community connections, where everyone is watchman of the other.

Our mission, wherever we can is to support the rebuilding of these kinds of communities, where our children have a better opportunity to thrive in the environment where children's needs are being met in all areas of their lives.

We also believe, where there are thriving businesses within the community, where money are being circulated within the community, supports job creation, more networking within the comunity for the needs to be met there.  Children feel more safe, and productive.

As we establish our business and professional networks, we believe this supports the development and implementation of a renewed world within our African American communities/communities of color which will provide on an ongoing basis, opportunities for our future generations to develop a "success consciousness" with a community mindset, to continue the legacy that create strong communities for generations to come.

Some of our networks include:

-Magnum Opus Drama Consortium Network, a cooperative of actors, entertainers, etc., working together in creating opportunities in film, acting, theater productions, movies, poetry, musicals, etc.

Contact:  Mr. Howard Johnson Jr.,  (323) 898-9009

Also,on Facebook.

Business and Wellness Services contact:  Rev. Dr. Norma Johnson-Patterson

(763) 208-2801

Our goal is to be 100,000 by 2019

Join today, annual membership fee is $20.  We are a 501c3 non profit, global missions, serving as co-creator, "creating a poverty free world, where all children can thrive".



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