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This is an open invitation to join YOUNG BLACK WALL STREET BUSINESS COOPERATIVE and grow with us.  Presently, you can become part of our community at minimal registration fee of $100, you become part of our family of business coaches, working with our young men and women on a global basis in becoming "Social Entrepreneurs" within their community/country.   Yes, only $100 registration fee to join our team, you will then be assigned to a community of aspiring young people, with the desire to grow and mature as a "social entrepreneur and change agent" within their community..  As a global missions ministry, our primary goal is to help you succeed as part of our global missions, a "missionary/business coach" to raising up social entreprenreurs". Through our giving a hand up and not hand outs, we believe we are serving as "Generation WE'ers" as WE help others grow and mature as conscious centered leaders of the global world we are all playing a part in her creation.. We strongly believe in the Law of Reciprocity, the more we give out the more we can receive back to us, as we mirror ourselves to one another! 

What advantage do you have by joining our community?   Our work is primarily focused on raising up young African American/youth of color (ages 6-18),  from single parent homes, mentoring and guiding them to become successful as entrepreneurs and community leaders, working in community to reduce crime, build a positive community and to earn an income for themselves doing it.   Our mission work is not about just "giving a fish", but helping others "learn how to fish for a lifetime" through our "culturally sensitive Social Entrepreneurs Business Cooperatives and Community Building" work.   We are also about teaching our youth today for tomorrow's world by learning how to care for our planet as the planet care for us.  Not abusing our planet, but utilizing her in a way that will support her returning herself to us as she cares for us as her inhabitants. 

In limited to moderate income communities of color in particular, it is just a challenge in many instances to put food on the table for your family  The percentage of single head of households continue to grow across the country within every community.  We also realize the imbalance between the rich and those living in poverty.  We believe the Creator has blessed everyone with at least one "grand idea" that will support the creation of healthier environments, but due to the lack of resources and mentors, many ofour young visionaries and developers fail to realize their dreams due to limited support given at the most crucial stages of development from the age of 6-13 years old, supporting ongoing development until the age of 18 which many, if guided properly can realize their success in the evolution of their vision, as they begin to systematically accomplish their life's evolution, one evolution at a time.   As a certified and trained "International Young Black Wall Street" Business Cooperative Coach, you will be the angel partner that comes to assist in the development stages of our participants in our International Young Black Wall Street global missions initiative.

 Within the communities we serve, we do not come to give hand outs but a hand up to prosperity for the individuals we mentor and help to nurture them as they grow into strong leaders in support of building and maintaining a thriving community for themselves and their next generations to come after them.  We also believe in "family inclusion", it is a communal affair, elders supporting youth, and the youth supporting elders..

This is a good opportunity for mission minded elders who may have retired or just would like to share their life experiences or have need of earning extra cash utilizing their knowledge, expertise and world wisdom to be an excellent mentor and partner with the youth we serve and mentor into our "Social Entrepreneur Leadership" Program.   

 Our mission in raising up 21st Century Social Entrepreneurs will teach and mentor our leaders for tomorrow's world in the areas of business building and community organizing, when done alone as an individual attempting to go into business alone, our mission is to work with a collective body of youth and their families in creating opportunities for the collective members that join grow and prosper themselves as they prosper their communities.  We also realize many who really know they have an entrepreneurial spirit as a child in many cases are unable to develop anything of their own, business start up can be very costly, however, as part of Young Black Wall Street Business Cooperative, everything our members need to know to succeed is right at their finger tips.

 Just a few services we provide for our members, i.e., press releases, newsletter campaign, business research, flyers, brochures, serve as their  public relations division, telephone answering service, members become part of our buyers club, buying products at wholesale prices and more importantly, experiencing working as a cooperative, part of a team with like ideas, and collective goals  in making each others dream come true,  in partnership together as a collectve body of entrepreneurs and visionaries for the 21st Century. We work together with our members to learn the science of working smart not hard to attain their life goals.   We regularly sponsor success and wealth building seminars, workshops, conferences keeping you abreast of all of the new technologies, trends, etc., that keep you part of the "21ST CENTURY PACESETTERS"  as the new "SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURS" unfold.  These are exciting times we are living in, a time of transformation, old ways of conducting business is rapidly changing, and we are inviting you to join us,  on our PACESETTERS TEAM, in support of building communities where children living in poverty can thrive.

The great thing about joining our network, our mission is not to make money for  the sake of making money, but it is to help pull out within every participant that grand idea, products or service to the community, with our gentle push forward as we work in a team in drawing out of each participant that successful and inspired  "social entrepreneur".


We are a global missions ministry, serving as co-creator, creating a "poverty free world, where all children can thrive".  Our work is to develop communities that work together in creating a healthier and wealthier lifestyle for urban centers across America and in third world countries, i.e., Africa and Latin America.  We believe the Creator within all of us, regardless of denominational preferences, spiritual differences, the Oneness within all of us is to be able to prosper as we help others to prosper.

Our society presently believes in Capitalism, free trade, which can be good in itself, however, through our "Social Entrepreneurs" initiative, we take the position of creating "fair trade" supporting the opportunity for everyone who joins the community to prosper and pass on their success to others.  We also believe in the "village that raises our children, are the communities preparing for our global world's future, in the creation of global communities living without "poverty".

If you feel that you have the same passion and desire as we at International Young Black Wall Street", we ask that you join us as we set a "global bond-fire that will light up our world, where all children can thrive"!  We are the are the world that makes the world of difference in all of humanity's life.  Prosperity is a state of mind, absence from a "poverty stricken one"!  We can make a difference when we work together in creating a different paradigm which includes in many instances, the "least of us our youth".

This special invitation is open to those who are ready to make a "POSITIVE" difference in our world!  Join with us today!


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