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Heri Za Kwanza Everybody! Today, we honor the Nguzo Saba Principle, Nia, which is Purpose! I always say that we must ask the self--to be or not to be--every step of the way. It is a moment to moment question. Today, I had to answer some things relative to my health and well-being. Caffeine, specially coffee from Starbucks has been an addiction and tremendous challenge for me--for years. I have lost so much $$$$$$$ and health over those years, including up into this year. But, no more. I can not afford it, because it is robbing me of my wealth and health. And spiritually speaking, it affects my Christ Consciousness. I had a cup of coffee this morning, the effects left me so messed up, it was pathetic! Interesting, while I was drink the coffee, I was listening to a live radio podcast about cultural health and wellness, specifically live Superfoods, and the Superfood eating style and I said, I already know the basics of this information; I know what to do--continue on with the lifestyle, eating style that will allow me to fulfill my purpose. Some people may say--oh, everything in moderation, and it is okay to have a little this or that, every now and then. Yes, it does take discipline, and it takes knowing what you REALLY want in life. So, the question becomes--Am I REALLY living my purpose in the way that I REALLY want?


Wealth and success,

Sista Vickie

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