Boys to Men Entrepreneurs Leadership Academy

International Young Black Wall Street Leadership Academy Raising Up 21st Century Inspired Leaders and Community Developers, supporting the creation of a "poverty free world"

The International Young Black Wall Street Leadership  Academy provides ongoing hands on training to both young men and women interested in becoming successful entrepreneurs.  This alternative to education provides the opportunity for participants to learn all aspects in successfully building small businesses, and being successful at organizing and engaging communities in initiatives empowering African American youth/youth of color.  

Participants interacts with leaders as their mentors at every level of their learning curve.  The leadership academy's uniqueness is that it works with the entire family, an "African Centered Approach to Family and Community Development".

It is not just the participant that has enrolled in the Academy, but the total family must become involved with the project to ensure its success and the success of the family member enrolled.  The process encourages building the strength of the community through "capacity building". It assists many single mothers that are now struggling financially to make ends meet in jobs created at $7 per hour, to also gain skills that would help assist her to move forward in a higher paying position, or pursue entrepreneurship as her means of financial advancement.  Each family is different, which means each assessment will be different.

The Academy's  Co-horts enrolled at one time,  are 20 core members that join together, working together as creators and designers of a "GARDEN OF EDEN TRANSFORMATION SCIENCE OF LIVING CENTER", which will be developed as a Hub of Health and Wellness for their community, using IWN's 7 Principles to Optimal Wellness. This ongoing training as entrepreneurs, as well as learning how to continue to build a successful business while in training, provide employment opportunities for their community, as well as helping to transform the "health and well being" of individuals within their community, finally working as change agents in supporting a positive "transformation" within their communities.

You can learn more about our "Garden of Eden Transformation Science of Living Center project by visiting our International Wellness Network, Inc. web page included in our "Store" page, or you can visit us at:

Our  Leadership Academy's mission is to train, mentor, promote and support the development of our young African American youth/youth of color, as 21st Century entrepreneurs and community organizers.  Our organization works with young men/women, ages 6-18 years old that has a desire to become successful in the areas of entrepreneurship and community organizing.

 Our program is tailored to the needs of our members.  We provide individual assessments of young men and women that are looking for other alternatives in meeting their educational/training needs as they move toward adulthood.

Our Leadership Academy work with the total individual, spirit, mind and body.  The outcome from our program is to train, mentor and establish 21st Century socially conscious entrepreneurs that will prove to be successful and serve as a transformational leader within his/her community.

The signature for the International Young Black Wall Street Leadership Academy is creating GARDEN OF EDEN TRANSFORMATION SCIENCE OF LIVING CENTERS within African American communities/ communities of color initially, where the needs are the greatest. The project is about capacity building with existing organizations/institutions already existing as we build together a stronger and more empowering communities where all of our children can thrive..  The work in creating partnerships as Community Organizers, is to identify an organization/company - private or non profit, interested in partnering with International Young Black Wall Street Leadership Academy in creating these GARDEN OF EDEN TRANSFORMATION SCIENCE OF LIVING CENTERS strategically located in communities with the greatest needs to be empowered with our initiative as they work together as a community in replanting and growing their communities where children and youth are growing up as visionaries and entrepreneturs,change agents, making a positive difference in their communities and beyond.

In partnership with our International Mothers' Club, a network of mothers, grandmothers, women within the community who have joined together in support of our youth (please review IMC profile), the young men and women will have the opportunity to interact with individuals that will provide leadership, knowledge and training in becoming 21st inspirational leaders and entrepreneurs.

Our International Young Black Wall Street Leadership Academy incorporate IWN's 7 Principles to Optimal Wellness in the curriculum,  please visit our "Curriculum" section.

Through our Garden of Eden Transformation  Science of Living Centers, we provide a holistic approach to Optimal Wellness for the entire family and community.  It is a culturally sensitive approach to transforming first, the individual, the family and the community at large.  

Our International Young Black Wall Street Leadership Academy,  plays an intricate part in the creation of each "Garden of Eden Transformation Science of Living Centers", developing their skills as designers, architects, developers, etc. The curriculum for the trainees are always hands on along with theory.  These are exciting times for both limited income mothers and their youth ages 6-18 years old that would like to grow together in taking charge of their lives, as they work to support the empowerment and growth of the community in which they live and serve in.

If you know mothers and youth that may be interested in exploring their passion as an entrepreneur, please have them contact our office at:  (763) 208-2801 or email us at:

We appreciate your support in helping us make a difference in the lives of our youth and their families, as we all take charge of our health and the health of our community, as 21st century ENTREPRENEURS AND COMMUNITY ORGANIZERS, creating a "POVERTY FREE WORLD WHERE ALL CHILDREN CAN THRIVE".