Boys to Men Entrepreneurs Leadership Academy

Boys to Men Entrepreneur Leadership Academy Homeschool Learning Coaches Training and Development Initiative 

Our International Mothers' Club Home and Charter School Initiative, outreach is to men/men of color, ages 21 years and older, wich experience and professional skills that can be shared with our young men/men of color who have been struggling to compete in traditional schools, young men released from detention, etc., that possess underdeveloped skills, a gift in music, acting, business,etc. requiring a bit of help from masters in the field to support, coach and mentor them to success.

 Through our mental health and career development community, we work with young men, as well as young women to find out their interest, develop a comprehensive plan for the development of our youth, as well as work with them as PROFESSIONAL COACHES AND TRAINERS TO SUPPORT THEM IN REACHING THEIR GOALS.

We work with national online accredited K-12 schools, and we have developed our own curriculum in areas such as:

Special Events Planning

International Wellness Network Health Centers

Using our 7 Principles to Optimal Wellness

International Magnum Opus Theater Schools

Business Administration

-Marketing Development and Sales

-Computer Programming

-Cable Television

-Entertainment Management

-Disc Jockey

-Certified Learning Coach

-Community Food Stores

--Travel Consultants

-Wedding Planners and Caterers

-Professional Singers

-Professional Dances

-Professional Modeling

We are a 501c3 non profit,global missions ministry, serving as  co-creator, "creating a poverty free world, where all children can thrive".  Our work is not based on how much money we can make, our mission is based on how many lives we can save.  We need you to reach our goal to serve as "PEACEFUL REVOLUTIONAIRIES" spreading GOD'S ULTIMATE WEALTH AROUND, HIS WEALTH OF "LOVE", as we work together as a community in RAISING UP 21ST CENTURY LEADERS, WORKING IN CONCERT TOGETHER, CREATING AND BUILDING COMMUNITIES, WHERE EVERY CHILD WILL THRIVE".